Community Rules
The following rules for our community common areas have been approved by the Twin Lakes Board of Directors.
  • Common areas include the upper lake and dam; lower lake and dam; tennis courts and  surrounding acreage to include the lakeside park area, gazebo, picnic and play areas; entrances, and the entire riverfront area at the lower lake.
  • Common areas are for the use only by dues-paying residents of Morninglake Drive and their guests, and by Twin Lakes property owners and their guests. Any guest using the Twin Lakes amenities must be accompanied by a dues-paying resident or property owner, as applicable.
  • The Clubhouse, Clubhouse porch and gazebo are NO SMOKING areas. Signs are there to notify guests of this no smoking area.
  • Tennis courts lighting must be turned off by 11:00 p.m.
  • Boats used on our lakes must have a Twin Lakes sticker. Only electric motors are permitted.
  • Fishermen must be properly licensed and must abide by all state and local game laws.
  • A hang tag for vehicles must be displayed on rear view mirror when parking in and around our common areas.  This is a way of identifying ourselves as Twin Lakes/Morninglakes Drive residents when we park in our common areas.  These are not open to the public.
  • No recreational motorized vehicles of any kind (motor scooters, motor bikes, dirt bikes, motorcycles, four-wheelers, go-carts, golf carts and the like) are permitted in any common area.
  • No unleashed dogs are allowed in Twin Lakes unless they are accompanied by and are under the direct voice control of the owner. The owner is to pick up after the pet(s) in all areas of the neighborhood.
  • No shooting or use of any kind of firearm in the common areas.
  • No blow-ups or inflatables of any kind may be rented or used in any of the common areas.