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Posted on Nov 15th, 2021
Members of the newly elected Nominating Committee are as follows:
2 Board Members
Lamont Leslie
Ben Palmer
3 Voting Members from General Membership of the Club
Patti Abrams
Carolyn Long
Sylvia Nicholls - Chair
The Board Candidate Questionnaire & Application was distributed to all residents Sunday, November 14. Please check your paper box. This form is also posted on the TL Website - see Forms.
Posted on Nov 1st, 2021
The production staff of Howard B. Jones & Son, Inc., met last Friday and regrettably made the decision to push our project to Spring 2022. This is due to the weather and changing temperatures. Low temperatures would hurt the effect of repair. They do not want to do a subpar job on our courts. We are to be first in line on their schedule to get this project completed next Spring.
Posted on Oct 27th, 2021
Fall is here and with that comes the changing of color and falling of leaves. A reminder that it is a violation of Restrictive Covenant No. 14 to open air burn. Also, some of our residents have allergies and are affected by the smoke. If you don't have a copy of our Restrictive Covenants they are listed on the Website. Please take time to review them. The same Restrictive Covenant also states waste and other debris may not be blown into the streets (grass clippings) or disposed of in the lakes, on any vacant lot or in any waterway. If you have a Lawn Company taking care of your yard, please make them aware of this. Anything throughout the neighborhood that goes into a drain along the roadway ends up in either the Upper or Lower Lake. We need to protect our beautiful lakes.

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Lake Management News
Twin Lakes Club – Lakes Management Newsletter
This letter is to inform Twin Lakes Club Members of the steps being taken to maintain the health of our lakes and fish. Carl Grizzle has actively helped manage the lakes for decades and has brought items of attention to the board. Carl Grizzle may be contacted if further information is needed beyond this newsletter.
The 1st item is water quality. The Board has voted to have the lakes fertilized late March or early April. Fertilization will help eliminate slime, weed growth and promote water clarity and fish growth.
The 2nd item is fish population. The Board has voted to have Thread Fin Shad added to both lakes, per Carl Grizzle’s recommendation, to enhance the growth rate of the fish population (i.e. Bass, Bream and Crappie). Thread Fin Shad will reproduce and supply food for the current fish population for several years. The
3rd item is fish harvesting. Due to the small size of the current fish population, it will take time for the current population to recover properly if certain fish are removed from the lakes. The Board now asks all members to abide by the following fish conservation rules, effective immediately:
1-) Large Mouth Bass 12” or longer – return to the lake
2-) Limit your catch and keep to: 5 Large Mouth Bass (less than 12” per day) 8 Bream (less than 8” per day) 8 Crappie (less than 8” per day)
These rules will allow the smaller fish to grow to a much larger size and help maintain healthy lakes. The Board would like to thank all of its members for their participation in helping to maintain these beautiful lakes.

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