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Posted on Mar 24th, 2021
"Blow-Ups" on Common Grounds
Spring is here and the Common Area will perhaps be used more than usual. One item that the Board addressed in a November meeting was the use of "blow ups" for children's activities. The contract for rental of the Clubhouse clearly states that no "blow ups" are allowed. The Board sought to clarify that this also applies to the use of these on the Common Grounds. If residents feel it is a necessity for a celebration, please use them on your own private property. The concern is the liability risk and expense of accidents.
Tennis Courts - Refurbished
As you may have read in the minutes, the Board has plans to refurbish the tennis courts. The last time they were repaired was in 2009. This work will not require an assessment as it did in 2009. The Twin Lakes Operating Budget for 2020 is posted on our website. The accepted quote was not over 50% of the Club's yearly budget on one project; therefore, there is no need for an assessment. Howard B. Jones, the company doing the work will begin as soon as weather permits.
Water Issue - Common Area
The Board is also pleased to announce that the water issue at the Common Area will soon be addressed. This is possible because a resident, who requests to remain anonymous, has offered to pay for this expenditure. We would like to express our gratitude for this Twin Lakes resident's generosity.
Posted on Mar 9th, 2021
According to Governor McMasters' Executive Order No. 2021-12 p.10, March 5, 2021, Section 4 guidelines: "The total number of persons present in a gathering should not exceed 50% of the location's occupancy limit as determined by the fire marshall...."
The Clubhouse maximum occupancy limit is 98. This is based on total square footage of building.
Even though the executive order has been modified, the Clubhouse is not available for rental at this time. The expense of cleaning the facility in accordance with the CDC and DHEC guidelines, both before and after a gathering, is cost prohibitive.
Please note that the Common Area is available for gatherings and social activities.
Come out and enjoy the early days of Spring!

Upcoming Events
Saturday, May 15th, 2:00 P.M. at Tennis Courts
The Annual Meeting is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, May, 15, 2021, 2:00 P.M. - Tennis Courts. If raining, alternate date is June 5, 2021, same time and place.

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Lake Management News
Twin Lakes Club – Lakes Management Newsletter
This letter is to inform Twin Lakes Club Members of the steps being taken to maintain the health of our lakes and fish. Carl Grizzle has actively helped manage the lakes for decades and has brought items of attention to the board. Carl Grizzle may be contacted if further information is needed beyond this newsletter.
The 1st item is water quality. The Board has voted to have the lakes fertilized late March or early April. Fertilization will help eliminate slime, weed growth and promote water clarity and fish growth.
The 2nd item is fish population. The Board has voted to have Thread Fin Shad added to both lakes, per Carl Grizzle’s recommendation, to enhance the growth rate of the fish population (i.e. Bass, Bream and Crappie). Thread Fin Shad will reproduce and supply food for the current fish population for several years. The
3rd item is fish harvesting. Due to the small size of the current fish population, it will take time for the current population to recover properly if certain fish are removed from the lakes. The Board now asks all members to abide by the following fish conservation rules, effective immediately:
1-) Large Mouth Bass 12” or longer – return to the lake
2-) Limit your catch and keep to: 5 Large Mouth Bass (less than 12” per day) 8 Bream (less than 8” per day) 8 Crappie (less than 8” per day)
These rules will allow the smaller fish to grow to a much larger size and help maintain healthy lakes. The Board would like to thank all of its members for their participation in helping to maintain these beautiful lakes.

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