Posted on Jul 12th, 2021

Spartanburg County contacted Sylvia Nicholls,Twin Lakes Special Tax District Board Member, today with an update on the paving of all our roads/streets. Earlier they had stated work would begin in September. They have rescheduled our neighborhood for work to begin in two weeks. They asked that the residents be informed they will be grinding the roads down two (2) inches and then paving. It will be a mess with the noise and dust. They assured her it would be worth it and we will be pleased when they are finished. Please be patient and remember this doesn't happen very often. Sylvia made this request 3 or 4 years ago and we've been on their waiting list. We finally made it to the top.
The County has posted signs at all entrances as well as on both ends of the road across the dam (L.P. Pitts Ave.). Please take the time to read what is posted as instructions are given as to what we are to do prior to and while work is in progress - no parking on the streets, irrigation systems, etc..
As additional information is received, it will be posted on the website.